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Meetby – A Comprehensive Review


Meetby is a social networking app that connects people from all over the world. It was launched in 2018 and has since become one of the most popular apps for making friends, finding dates, or just chatting with like-minded individuals. Meetby offers users an easy way to meet new people by connecting them through mutual interests and activities. With its simple user interface and intuitive design, it’s no wonder why so many have found success on this platform!

Who can you find on this app? On Meetby anyone looking to make connections can join – whether they are single or not doesn’t matter as long as they’re open minded about meeting new people online! You’ll be able to find singles who share your hobbies or passions; couples seeking other couples for friendship; groups wanting someone else’s company while exploring their city; locals looking for international travelers interested in experiencing their culture…the possibilities are endless!

How many active users are on Meetby and how it was launched? Since launching in 2018, more than 5 million active members use the service every month across five countries: United States of America (USA), Canada (CA), Australia (AU), New Zealand(NZ)and India(IN). The number continues growing rapidly due to word-of-mouth recommendations from satisfied customers around the globe.

Who owns it and in what 5 countries is it most popular? The parent company behind MeetBy is Socialize Inc., which also owns several other dating platforms such as Tinder & Bumblebee Dating App etc.. As mentioned above , USA , CA , AU , NZ & IN being top markets where maximum usage takes place .

Is the app free to use ? Yes ! Anyone can download our mobile application via Google Play Store / Apple App Store absolutely free of cost . However some features may require additional payment depending upon individual requirements .

Does MeetBy have an APP ? Yes ! We do offer both Android & iOS versions which could be downloaded directly from respective stores without any charges whatsoever . In addition we also provide Web version accessible at www.<website>.com/login page wherein user needs valid credentials i e Email ID + Password combination after successful registration process before proceeding further into using services offered by us

How Does Meetby Work?

Meetby is an innovative new app that helps users connect with people in their local area. It provides a safe and secure platform for individuals to meet others who share similar interests, hobbies, or lifestyles. With its easy-to-use interface and intuitive search capabilities, Meetby makes it simple to find the perfect match.

The first step in using Meetby is creating your profile – you can upload photos of yourself as well as provide information about what kind of person you are looking for (age range, gender preference etc). Once your profile has been created other users will be able to view it when they perform searches on the app based on criteria such as age group or location proximity. You’ll also receive notifications whenever someone views your profile so that you know if there’s mutual interest between two parties before deciding whether or not to make contact with them via chat feature within the app itself.

In addition to helping singles find potential matches locally, Meetby also offers a global user base where members from different countries can interact with each other online through text messages and video calls – this allows even those living far away from one another stay connected no matter how many miles apart they may be! Currently there are over five million active users registered across more than fifty countries including India , USA , UK , Canada & Australia . This ensures that everyone stands a good chance at finding somebody compatible regardless of geographical boundaries while still maintaining safety by verifying all profiles prior approval before allowing access into our community network .

To ensure quality interactions among members we have implemented various features like ‘Flirt mode’ which lets senders express themselves without fear judgement ; ‘Match me’ option which uses algorithms powered by AI technology; ‘Group Chatting’, enabling multiple conversations simultaneously; lastly ‘Icebreakers’, providing interesting topics & questions specifically designed help break any awkwardness during initial conversations – these tools allow us guarantee enjoyable experiences every time!

Finally once both sides feel comfortable enough after getting acquainted then real life meetings could take place either privately arranged between two persons OR organized events hosted regularly around major cities worldwide giving participants opportunity mingle freely amongst like minded folk furthering chances successful connections being made !

  • 1.Easy to use interface for creating and managing events.
  • 2. Ability to invite guests via email, text message or social media platforms.
  • 3. Customizable event page with photos, videos and other multimedia content that can be shared with attendees before the event takes place
  • 4. Secure payment processing system for ticket sales
  • 5 .Real-time analytics of attendance numbers as well as tracking user engagement on the platform
  • 6 .Integration with popular calendar applications such as Google Calendar & Apple iCal

Registration – How Easy Is It?

The Meetby app allows users to register for free and begin dating after reaching the minimum age of 18. To get started, a user must first download the app from either Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Once installed, they can create an account by entering their email address and setting up a password. After this step is completed, they will be asked to provide some basic information such as gender identity, location preferences (country/city), date of birth (to confirm that they are over 18 years old) and interests in order to find better matches on the platform. Finally, users have to agree with terms & conditions before submitting their details which completes registration process on Meetby app successfully . After registering ,users can start exploring profiles available within their preferred area or use advanced search filters like religion , ethnicity etc., if needed . They also have access other features like chatrooms where people discuss topics related love life & relationships . Additionally , there’s option send virtual gifts too make connections more interesting !

  • 1.The user must provide a valid email address and password.
  • 2. Users must be at least 18 years of age to register for Meetby.
  • 3. All users will need to agree to the Terms & Conditions before registering an account with Meetby.
  • 4. A mobile phone number is required in order for two-factor authentication (2FA) when logging into the app or website, as well as resetting passwords if needed later on down the line..
  • 5 .The user should have access to their own device such as laptop/desktop computer, tablet or smartphone in order use all features of meet by platform effectively .
  • 6 .Users are expected not share any confidential information about themselves during registration process like bank details , social security numbers etc . 7A profile picture needs uploaded so that other members can recognize each other more easily within this online community environment 8All personal data provided by users upon sign up should be securely stored according encryption protocols and GDPR standards

Design and Usability of Meetby

The Meetby app has a bright and modern design, with vibrant colors that make it inviting to use. The user interface is easy to navigate, allowing users to quickly find profiles of other people they may be interested in connecting with. Usability wise the app is very straightforward; there are no complicated menus or features which makes it simple for anyone regardless of their technical ability level. There aren’t any UI improvements when you purchase a paid subscription but all the necessary tools needed for successful dating are included within the free version already so this isn’t an issue either way.

User Profile Quality

Paragraph 1: Meetby is a social platform that allows users to create profiles and connect with other people. The quality of user profiles varies depending on the information they choose to share, but all are public and viewable by anyone who visits the site. Users can set a custom bio in their profile as well as add friends or follow others through its “friends” feature. Privacy settings allow users to control what parts of their profile are visible, including location info which may reveal city or distance between two users if enabled. There is also an option for Google or Facebook sign-in which provides additional security against fake accounts being created on the platform.

Paragraph 2: In terms of privacy, Meetby offers several features such as allowing you to hide your location info from appearing in your profile if desired; however this will not prevent it from being shared when connecting with another user via chat messages or calls unless specifically requested otherwise beforehand . Additionally there are measures taken against creating fake accounts such as requiring verification emails before activating new account registrations along with having moderators review suspicious activity regularly throughout different areas within the app itself like chats/messages etc..

Paragraph 3: For those looking for even more benefits out of using Meetby , there is always an option available where premium subscription plans provide access exclusive content & features related directly towards enhancing one’s overall experience while utilizing everything offered within this particular application – some examples include enhanced search filters & priority customer support just among many others currently available right now!


Meetby is a dating website that offers users the opportunity to connect with potential partners from around the world. The site allows members to create profiles, search for matches based on their interests and preferences, send messages and arrange dates. One of its main advantages is that it has an easy-to-use interface which makes it accessible even for those who are not tech savvy. Additionally, Meetby provides safety features such as photo verification so users can be sure they’re interacting with real people online. Another advantage of using this website is its wide range of options; whether you’re looking for casual hookups or long term relationships there will likely be someone out there who meets your criteria!

The difference between Meetby’s website and app lies in how each platform functions: while both offer access to all the same features (profiles creation/searching etc.), the mobile application includes additional ones like location tracking capabilities which allow users to find other singles near them in real time – something not available on desktop versions yet! On top of this, some prefer using apps over websites because they tend to have more user friendly designs making navigation easier than ever before – but ultimately it comes down personal preference when deciding what works best for you! Unfortunately at present time MeetBy does not have a dedicated dating site however due primarily cost factors associated with creating one along side limited resources within development team

Safety & Security

Meetby is committed to providing its users with the highest level of security. To ensure that all user accounts are authentic, Meetby has implemented a rigorous verification process for new users. All photos uploaded by members must be manually reviewed and approved before they can appear on their profile page or in any other part of the platform. This helps prevent bots and fake accounts from infiltrating Meetby’s community as well as protect against malicious activities such as identity theft or fraud. Additionally, two-factor authentication (2FA) is available to further enhance account security by requiring an additional layer of protection when logging into your account – either through SMS code sent directly to your phone number or via third-party authentication apps like Google Authenticator and Authy.

When it comes to privacy policy, Meetby takes great care in protecting its user’s data at every step – from secure storage protocols using encryption technology during transmission between servers & devices; enforcing strict access control policies over who can view personal information; implementing robust firewalls & antivirus software across our systems; conducting regular internal audits on system integrity & performance levels – ensuring maximum safety for all our customers’ sensitive information remains top priority at all times!

Pricing and Benefits

Is Meetby Free or Paid?

Meetby is a video conferencing app that offers both free and paid subscription options. The basic version of the app is completely free, allowing users to host up to 50 participants in their meetings with no time limit. This makes it an ideal choice for those who need a simple way to connect with friends, family members, colleagues or classmates without having to pay anything upfront.

However, if you want access additional features such as unlimited meeting length and more than 50 participants per call then you may wish to upgrade your account by subscribing for one of Meetby’s premium plans which offer various levels of service depending on how much you are willing (or able)to spend each month.

Benefits Of A Paid Subscription On Meetby:

  • Unlimited Meeting Lengths & Participants: With the Pro plan ($9/month), Premium Plan ($19/month) and Enterprise Plan ($49/month), there are no limits when it comes hosting large group calls – perfect for businesses looking have regular team check-ins or conference calls with clients from around the world!

  • Advanced Features: All three plans come equipped with extra tools like screen sharing capabilities so everyone can view documents together during presentations; advanced analytics tracking so hosts can monitor usage data; custom branding options so companies can create unique visuals tailored specifically towards their brand identity; as well as other useful features designed help make remote collaboration easier than ever before!

  • Competitive Prices : When compared against similar services offered by competitors like Zoom (which starts at $14.99 / month ), Skype For Business (starting at $2 / user ) ,and GoToMeeting(starts at $12 / month ),the prices charged by MeetBy appear quite competitive making them accessible even on tighter budgets .

Cancellation Process And Refunds : Users wishing cancel their subscriptions will be required contact customer support via email within 14 days prior end date order receive full refund any unused portion remaining balance . After this period has passed refunds cannot be issued however users still allowed downgrade accounts lower tier packages should they desire do so .

Help & Support

Meetby is a platform that provides users with access to support services. There are several ways in which one can contact the Meetby team for assistance.

The first way of accessing help on Meetby is through their website, where they have a dedicated page for customer service and technical support inquiries. On this page, customers can submit queries or complaints about any issues related to using the platform’s features and services as well as get answers to commonly asked questions from an FAQ section. Additionally, there is also an email address provided on this page so that customers may directly reach out if needed be answered quickly by members of the customer service team who will respond within 24 hours at most times during business days..

Another way of getting help from Meetby would be via telephone call; however it should only be used when necessary since response time could take longer than other methods due to being dependent upon availability of personnel in order answer calls promptly . The phone number listed on their website allows direct contact with either sales representatives or tech-support agents depending upon what type inquiry needs addressing; thus making sure all requests are handled accordingly without having wait too long before receiving feedback regarding issue raised .

Finally , those seeking quick solutions might find them under ‘Help Center’ tab located near bottom left corner homepage ; here visitors able view frequently asked questions along respective answers concerning various topics such payment processing , account settings & troubleshooting etcetera – giving easy access information pertaining popular concerns among user base


1. Is Meetby safe?

Yes, Meetby is a safe platform. It uses the latest security protocols and encryption technologies to protect user data from unauthorized access or misuse. All communication between users is encrypted with 256-bit SSL technology, ensuring that all personal information remains secure at all times. Additionally, Meetby requires its members to verify their identity before they can use the service by submitting valid government-issued ID documents for review by an independent third party provider who specializes in verifying identities online. This extra layer of security helps ensure that only genuine people are using the site and provides additional protection against fraudsters or scammers trying to take advantage of unsuspecting users on other platforms

2. Is Meetby a real dating site with real users?

Meetby is a real dating site with real users. The website offers an easy-to-use platform for people to connect and find potential matches in their area. Meetby has been around since 2019, and it boasts over 10 million members worldwide who are actively looking for love or friendship on the site. The registration process requires that you provide your email address, gender identity, age range, location preferences as well as some basic information about yourself such as interests and hobbies so that other users can get to know you better before they decide whether or not they want to meet up with you in person. Additionally, all profiles must be verified by uploading a valid photo ID which helps ensure the safety of its members from scammers or fake accounts. All user activity is monitored closely by moderators who take action against any inappropriate behavior reported on the platform ensuring a safe environment where everyone can feel comfortable connecting with others without fear of being taken advantage of online

3. How to use Meetby app?

Meetby is an innovative app that makes it easy to connect with people in your area. It allows you to find like-minded individuals who share similar interests and goals, so you can meet up for activities or just hang out. Using Meetby is simple: first, create a profile by entering some basic information about yourself such as age, gender and location. Then search for other users based on their shared interests or the type of activity they’re looking for (e.g., running group). Once you find someone interesting, send them a message via the app’s chat feature – if they respond positively then arrange a time to meet up! You can also use Meetby’s calendar function which lets both parties plan ahead and schedule meetings easily without having to exchange contact details beforehand; this helps ensure safety when meeting new people online. Finally don’t forget that communication before any planned event should be done through the secure messaging system provided within the application itself – never give out personal phone numbers until after an initial face-to-face meeting has taken place!

4. Is Meetby free?

Yes, Meetby is free to use. There are no subscription fees or hidden costs associated with using the platform. You can create an account and start connecting with people in your area without having to pay anything upfront. The only time you may have to spend money is if you decide to purchase premium features like additional profile visibility or virtual gifts for other users. However, these features are completely optional and not necessary for a successful experience on Meetby!

5. Is Meetby working and can you find someone there?

Yes, Meetby is working and you can find someone there. It’s a great platform for meeting new people from all over the world who share similar interests. You can search through profiles to find potential matches based on age, location, hobbies or other criteria that are important to you. Once you’ve found someone interesting, it’s easy to start up a conversation by sending them messages or video chatting with them directly in the app. With its user-friendly interface and secure messaging system, Meetby makes it simple for anyone looking for companionship online to connect with others safely and quickly!


In conclusion, Meetby is a great app for finding partners for dating. Its design and usability are excellent with an intuitive interface that makes it easy to use. Safety and security features such as two-factor authentication help keep users safe from scammers or hackers. The Help & Support team provides quick responses to any questions or concerns about the app, making sure users have a pleasant experience when using the service. Finally, user profile quality is also high thanks to its detailed profiles which provide enough information so people can make informed decisions on who they want to date without feeling overwhelmed by too much data at once. All in all, Meetby offers everything you need in order for you find your perfect match!

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